If It Were Easy, Anyone Could Do It!
July 24, 2015

August 2015

“Why does everything have to be so difficult?” “For just once, could something simply be easy?” “Do I have ‘Hero’ stamped on my forehead?”

Amazingly, I’ve heard each of these statements from other people and I’ve made a few of them at some points in my life. It is almost like the punctuation mark at the end of each of these statements could just as easily be an exclamation point. In this way, the statement might more accurately express the exasperation many of us feel with the process of absolutely being stretched beyond what we are sure we can possibly endure.

One day, when I was really feeling the exclamation point a rogue thought raced across my mind: “If it were easy, anyone could do it.” Well. Okay. As my more controlled-self took captive the next thoughts, I wondered about the truth and facts of that statement. Here are my considerations about the truth and facts:

  • If demonstrating patience in rightfully managing the criticism and negativity of others (which are so often based on self-serving motives) were easy, maybe we would have never encountered the fulfilling opportunity we are privileged to hold in this season of life.
  • If faithfully enduring difficult and sometimes tragic turn of events in our personal lives were easy, maybe we would have missed the discovery that we really are emotionally strong and mentally tough (to the amazement of those who deemed us down for the count, thus they counted us out).
  • If being forced to brainstorm for solutions in a business dilemma were easy, maybe we would have never met the key person (who became a divine connection) on the other side of the problem solving efforts.
  • If gracefully persevering through an unexpected life loss (that we neither caused nor wanted) were glamorous and easy, maybe we would have never realized the goodness and kindness of so many people who had been hidden in plain sight around our lives.

In each of these real life scenarios, there are so many varying details that could be associated with the variety of situations. Yet, the common thread in each of them is the strength and capacity of the human spirit to be stretched beyond that which we think we can bear. Even so, when we choose to never, ever give up within life’s challenges – we risk the chance that we will discover unspeakable joy and amazing life truths through new wisdom.

During the really difficult places of life, love, and relationships – when we are between a rock and a hard place – we often experience the precise times and the moments of uncovering gems of truth. One of these gems is: “If it were easy, anyone could do it.” The real truth is that I get to do it and I will come out on the other side of it more fulfilled; strengthened emotionally and mentally; with divine connections in my life; and with a renewed belief in the goodness and kindness of others.

On second thought, I think I’ll put that exclamation point on demonstrating patience, on faithfully enduring, on brainstorming for solutions, and on gracefully persevering. Yes, I think I will do it today, even though it is not easy, just because I can.

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Walking in the Joy of Life,


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