Is Your Attitude Creating a Powerful Epidemic?
August 18, 2015

August 2015

In the areas of your life where you lead or manage others (your children, your co-workers, other volunteers, anyone you have influence over) how is your daily, general attitude impacting the lives of others? Do you ever consciously think about it? Even more, have you considered how powerful your attitude is- so much so that it could cause an epidemic among those who are affected by it each day?

                      at·ti·tude (ˈadəˌt(y)o͞od/ noun), a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.

What kind of attitude does your behavior reflect? Is your behavior reflective of a positive and encouraging attitude toward others? Or, is your behavior generally reflective of a Sad Sally, Debbie Downer, Critical Carl, and Negative Ned attitude? Is there an epidemic looming among the circle of people you affect, or should we say, “infect” with your behavior? Is the “infection” you are spreading creating an epidemic of gloom and doom? Or is your effect upon others creating a powerful wave that is ushering in the greater good of everyone around you?


No matter which impact you are currently having among those in your life circle, you can choose to make a conscious choice toward a greater good impact. Here’s how:

1. You can choose to be more open-minded. An attitude of willingness to learn from others and to simply model what you know – rather than enforcing what you know – will encourage others. Over time, it will work toward drawing others to you in a spirit of cooperation.

2. You can choose to explore the unfamiliar and the unknown. An attitude of genuinely seeking to learn about the perspective and life experiences of others will help you to realize that your way is not the only way. Also, your life experiences are not necessarily the most expansive and valuable. Others have much to share, if you care to listen.

3. You can choose to be positive-spirited, even if you feel negative. Feelings are not right or wrong, they just are. And, they change with the wind. So, choosing to practice a little self-control over your feelings will allow you to choose an attitude that includes positive words and actions – at least until your negative feelings catch up with your choices.

4. You can choose to offer networking hospitality to others. Putting the best interest of others before your own interests includes an attitude of hospitality toward others. It’s simple: learn the interests of others and seek to connect them to others who will compliment and challenge their destiny purposes. In doing this, your overall life impact will be much greater because you are regularly helping others to find fulfillment in life. In return, great fulfillment will more likely come to you.

  1. You can choose to be a lifelong learner. This attitude is greatly opposed to the “know-it-all” disposition. Knowing your learning style and exploring the learning styles of others, so that you can help others even as you help yourself, will compliment your efforts at being open-minded, positive, and hospitable. Your willingness to learn will also help you create new ideas, explore new information, and engage in new activities.
  2. You can choose to seek emotional and spiritual growth. This attitude ushers you into stronger and wiser emotional behavior, as well as into sound spiritual principles of truth. As your behavior matures, you will inspire others to “come up higher” in their actions and attitudes.

Combining the power of your personal choice with a genuine focus on the greater good of others creates the opportunity for you to start an epidemic. Yes, your attitude has the power to create an epidemic that can positively affect or negatively infect those around you. Or, could it be that the ‘affect’ and ‘infect’ impact can be reversed – for greater good?

What if you chose to use the power of an epidemic infection as a catalyst to spread the effects of a positive attitude with a focus upon others? Surely an epidemic historically yields faster results. Why not use it for your benefit – and that of others? You can powerfully touch the lives of others with joy every day – if you will.

Connect with me today at and let’s do life together – touching others with joy.

Walking in the Joy of Life,


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