New Life, Fresh Passion
July 23, 2015

New Life, Fresh Passion, July 2015

When I think of new life and fresh passion, I usually think about springtime. In the draining heat and humidity of Louisiana summertime, I cannot say that I often have thoughts of new life – more like thoughts of laying low and surviving until the first cool breeze of fall arrives.

Interestingly, in the stifling heat of July I was watering a beautiful Ivy plant on my back porch around ‘dusk-thirty’ when all of a sudden a bird came whizzing by my head from out of the plant. Because it was almost dark and the mosquitoes were trying to carry me away, I quickly finished my task and escaped before I lost too much blood to the resident mosquito tribe. Bright and early the next morning while on my way to make coffee, I passed by the window where my Ivy planter is located so I stopped to take a peek inside. Low and behold, the most beautiful sparrow was sweetly looking up at me, but this time she did not fly away. She was snuggled deep into her beautifully sown nest and very content to stare right back at me.

For the next 3 weeks, I checked on her and her babies several times a day to make certain they were following the safe, life-giving course of nature. Mama Sparrow is fairly comfortable with me around the porch, but most comfortable looking back at me from my inside view at the window. As I’ve watched her take care of her babies and watched her babies growing, I have thought of the wonders of new life – especially the fresh passions that seem to come alive in my mind and heart when I get to experience new life.

For me, new life has been happening in 2015 through sharing my heart and my story as a first-time author and through establishing a non-profit organization. Something new and fresh has sprung up in my life that is motivating me to try new ideas, to talk to others about trying something new each day, and to inspire others to join together in helping others in new ways. I am also noticing a new excitement and a fresh passion about the simple things in my everyday life. And, I am thankful.

When is the last time you’ve experienced fresh feelings of newness of life? Can you say there has been some fresh passion spring up in your mind or heart recently? Have you encouraged yourself recently by doing something nice just for you or relaxing when you really needed to work on your to-do list? Have you taken the time recently to hug someone and share a kind word – in the way that only you can do? These are just a few of the new life and fresh passion choices that will help each of us to experience new life and fresh passion.

It is a unique truth in the circle of life that experiencing new life pushes us to share new life and fresh passion with others. I’m fairly certain our circle of life push is much like the push my little Mama Sparrow is getting ready to give her two little babies – right out of the comfort of their nest into a new life. Hmmm, come to think of it – that sounds similar to the 2015 push I am experiencing – right out of my comfortable life nest into all kinds of new life experiences.

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Walking in the Joy of Life,


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