Where Are Your Boots in the Mud?
June 28, 2015

Where Are Your Boots in the Mud? May, 2015

As I begin this journey with Countless Joys, Inc., I regularly strategize about and ask my partners, ‘Where is our mud?” Of course, I am referring to the aspects of the vision and mission statements that challenge me to have my boots in the mud – seeking to touch the lives of others with joy.

Each of us have different kinds of joy to share with others based on our life experiences and perspective. As we are each challenged to reach out to others in love by providing protection, comfort, and encouragement – there is a special kind of joy we can each share with someone who is in need each day. It is our unique brand of joy – the kind only each of us can give – because it is uniquely our own.

Are we willing to stop and share? Are we willing to even slow down the pace of our daily schedule long enough to notice the human need around our lives? It could be in our workplace – with someone very familiar to us. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime moment when our path crosses with someone we’ve never met. Are we willing to give that little extra in our overall schedules to go, and to be, and to do the joyful giving unto others; maybe in places that are outside of our normal paths of daily living?

What if each of us purposed to give one or two hours a month to touch the lives of others with joy? What kind of lasting impact would we have, collectively? If we each took what was in our hands of our experience, abilities, skills, knowledge, and love – we could collectively make a significant impact upon others – especially if we are working together within a plan.

I invite you to journey with me as I launch out into the field of mud that will become the field of Countless Joys, Inc. I am working with others who have greater abilities in their areas of expertise than I do. Together, we make an amazing team with great potential to change certain issues in our world. With you on our team, we will be even more powerful in our impact.

Where is your mud? If you know, I challenge you to give consistently of your joy to encourage and empower others. If you don’t know, connect with us and we will give you some ideas and options that just might be a good fit for where your boots would fit just perfectly in the mud that is Countless Joys, Inc.

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