Do You Have Miraculous Responses?
September 22, 2015

September 21, 2015

Do you spend regular time and effort to be or to become the effective leader, the supportive spouse, the best parent, the faithful friend, or the one with the perfect thing to say in that impossible situation? Are there times when you wonder what Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, or Stephen Covey would say when everything seems to be happening – but nothing is happening in your favor?

When all of the self-help book advice doesn’t seem to work or to fit your challenges, what are a few fail proof miraculous responses that you could grab and go with?

In all of my reading of leadership and life success materials, I often just set everything aside and go back to the basics. Here are my basics:

Thank You. The art of expressing genuine gratitude can easily become a lost or dying art in a world that races along at the speed of lightening.

“Thank you” is such a life-giving phrase – one that grants affirmation to the receiver.

It only requires seconds to express, but it has the potential to open the door for meaningful conversation that goes beyond the pressures and demands of a day’s labors. You just never know when the two powerful words, “Thank you” will generate a meaningful moment – all because you have created a miraculous response.

What do you need? Now this is a stop-in-your-tracks type of response! To actually be asked what in the world you need (in the very moment of racing around trying to accomplish all that is demanded of you in one day) – now that is miraculous, indeed.

Instead of telling much more than you ask, in what ways could you look for opportunities to ask others what they need – especially in situations where you have the ability or the authority to provide the request?

Because it is often a rare occurrence in life, love, and relationships – purposing to ask three times more than you tell will become a miraculous response.

Yes, let’s go with that. The days are infrequent and the moments are few when there are not numerous opinions and plenty of opposition to most suggestions and decisions. Truly, it can be so exasperating and exhausting to be continually challenged to explain, justify, persuade, and convince. From the boardroom to the living room, differing opinions and opposition reign. If you often experience this phenomenon, could it be that a few others share your sentiments in this life challenge?

What if you purposed to regularly respond with, “Yes, let’s go with that” , when others make solution suggestions that lie within your realm of decision making?

It could be your opportunity to create a miraculous response.

It is so nice when you do that. When is the last time someone simply expressed in-the-moment relief because of your response to their need? This type of reaction from others is a fairly good indication that you have hit the sweet spot of a great leader’s response. It is easy to forget that a kind gesture of help or unsolicited support in the midst of a pressure-filled day of demands is the miraculous response.

I appreciate. In this stressful world, expressing full understanding of what others are saying (without creating conflict or raising opposition) is so refreshing.

On the other side of appreciation, recognizing the full worth of others is not only affirming, but it can also be such a mental and emotional relief to the receiver.

It is a relief from the continual self-chatter of striving to become better, or to give more than one can possibly give today. Sometimes, gifting others with the words, “Well done” or “I completely understand” is the miraculous response.

Nothing. In some life situations, saying or doing nothing is the most basic right choice response. Many challenges and situations are so complex, or so utterly frustrating or devastating, that they are essentially beyond the benefits of a solution or of comforting words – in the moment. In these instances, simply being present with the one or ones who need your presence is the miraculous response.

Bringing it All Together

Could it be that the age-old principle truth of loving your neighbor as you love yourself is one the core powers of miraculous responses? Do you ever wonder what the part about “loving your neighbor as yourself” really means in real life situations? Well, I finally grew weary of wondering, so I researched it.

At its root, loving others as you love yourself means loving others as you love your self-will and your own way.

In other words, it’s back-to-grade-school in admitting that you mostly want your way in matters of life, love, and relationships. And you really believe that you usually know what is best – if others would simply listen and cooperate with you.

Could it be that in all of the swirl of challenges and life pressures that it is really not you against the world (or your co-workers, or your spouse, or your children, or your enemies)? Maybe you do have a simple choice to bring miraculous, selfless responses to everyday situations.

Are the people in your life really needing the same relief that you need from life’s pressures and demands?

Do others simply long for that same miraculous response that causes you to stop, sigh, and smile with unexpected joy?

Maybe you are the chosen vessel who has the capacity to bring many on board with miraculous responses. Even a cool drink of water to ease the thirst of one in need could be considered miraculous – to that person. I bet you have the capacity of miraculous – if you will use it.

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