Calling Youth Teams & Passionate Young People, Where Are Your Boots in the Mud?
July 2, 2015

Calling Youth Teams & Passionate Young People, Where Are Your Boots in the Mud? June, 2015

I just love Jr. High, High School, and college-aged young people. Their zest for life, their perspective on life, and their ideas about life bring fuel to the fire and joy to the party! I want them on my team.

As we endeavor to establish a safe house for teenagers along the Interstate 10 corridor somewhere between New Orleans, La. and Houston, Texas – what better team of volunteers to minister to the pain of teenagers, than young people who are moving forward in life in a positive way? We want vivacious, joy-filled young people on the Countless Joys volunteer teams.

For the behind-the scenes work of Countless Joys, we want to have a balance of men, women, and teenagers working together in volunteer teams to accomplish our vision and mission. In special situations where an entire family wants to volunteer together, we would love to have children between the ages of 7-11 working together with their families. This will all work together to accomplish goals – but just as important – to have fun and grow closer to one another through serving others.

Finally, for the overseas mission trips we want the life-giving force of young people as a part of the Countless Joys mission team. We want the impact and influence of godly love, leadership, and life lessons from the perspective of young people to be shared with the beautiful children and teenagers whose lives we are seeking to touch with joy.

Each young person has a different kind of joy to share with others based on his or her life experiences and perspective. There is a special kind of joy each young person can share with someone who is in need each day. It is a young person’s unique brand of joy because it is uniquely his or her own. I invite youth groups, small teams of young people, and families with young people to journey with Countless Joys as we launch out into the field of mud that will become the field of Countless Joys, Inc.

So, I am calling all young people with a heart for God and for serving others: Where is your mud? Connect with us and we will give you some ideas and options that just might be a good fit for where your boots would fit just perfectly in the mud that is Countless Joys, Inc. Connect with us today at

Walking in the Joy of Life,


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