What If You Did the Choosing?

Do you ever wonder about who should be doing the choosing in your life?

We all want to be “chosen.” As I’ve observed the interactions of people from the young, to the teenagers, to the thirty-somethings, and to the mature folks – I’ve noticed that most of us want to “be picked.”

To be selected for whatever somehow signifies to our thoughts and feelings that we might be the best; we might be the most appropriate for the role; we might be favored in some way; and most of all we are being included.

Somehow, not “being chosen” and not “being picked” seems like it is associated with not being good enough, or with being rejected. To be sure, there are many complex psychological human dynamics involved with being chosen – and with not being chosen.

From Pre-K to our last breath, the majority of humans simply want to be chosen.

The Power of Choosing

But what if you decided to choose, first, instead of waiting to be chosen? How would this single action-based decision change the entire dynamics of your inner empowerment – and the outcomes of your life?

The truth about choosing is: when you choose, then your choices have a greater opportunity for yielding more targeted life fulfillment.

This kind of fulfillment is connected to the deep heart contentment that comes with bringing goals and dreams to their completion, or into the reality of your life. This kind of fulfillment is also associated with an achievement or a realization of something (or someone) that is desired, promised, or even predicted.

Wow, in light of the depth and expanse of this meaning of fulfillment, what outcomes do you want in your relationships, your professional life, and your personal dreams?

What if you stopped waiting for others to choose you (for fulfillment to happen)? What if you let go of the belief that one day you will perform well enough for others to notice, thus for others to finally decide to “pick you?”

How could the fulfillment of your dreams happen as quickly as you skipping from the sidewalk you are on now to the one that is across the street? Is it true that throughout your life you didn’t hesitate to:

  • Chase the wayward baseball across the street when you were a kid playing in the proverbial World Series of Neighborhood Baseball?
  • Run after that girl who walked by and took your breath away as you and your guy friends were looking cool at the high school hangout?
  • Endure the ridiculous intensity of your educational coursework because you wanted more than anything to work in your chosen field?
  • Tolerate the never-talked-about difficulties of entrepreneurial endeavors all because you believed you could create something no one else had even thought of yet?
  • Persevere in the seemingly impossible relationship challenge as you kept your eye on the prizes that come with commitment, endurance, and faithfulness?
  • Fight the good fight of faith in that serious illness, shocking turn of events, and devastating life loss because you were just hard-headed enough to simply not give up?

Stop the Hindering Hesitations

With all of the personal grit-of-character it has taken throughout your life in refusing to hesitate, how can you draw strength today from those experiences?

What if you released the emergency brake of your present hesitations and freely chased after the things you get to choose in life? What if you stopped settling for the familiar and the comfortable when you know it is not fulfilling your life purpose and dream?

After all, what do you have to lose except the humdrum of your everyday living routine? Maybe you’d even lose the melancholy feelings that keep bubbling up when you think about what you really want in life, love, and relationships.

Even more, in actively choosing and picking who and what you really want maybe you will actually gather around you the right people and situations. What if these right people and situations are simply waiting on your choices – then they will help to catapult you into the fulfillment of your wildest dreams and life legacy fulfillment?

Who knows: when you actually do the choosing, you may be shockingly surprised to learn there were some amazing “who and what’s” that really wanted to choose you all along.

But in reality you were not fully available to be chosen or to be picked by the very people and situations you really desired all along. This is because you really were not available – mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually.

Wrapping Up This Choosing and Picking Thing

So, take a fresh look around the circumstances of your life today. Where can you separate the humdrum from the fresh possibilities – in life, love, and relationship situations? Then make a conscious choice to:

  • skip across that sidewalk;
  • run after what takes your breath away;
  • endure the ridiculous;
  • tolerate the never-talked-about difficulties;
  • persevere in the seemingly impossible; and
  • fight that good fight of faith – again!

Do it all again and actively choose what you want today! When you are embracing the results of your choices, you will laugh out loud in heart fulfillment – in ways you’ve only imagined in your wildest dreams.

And, the fulfillment of your wildest dreams is simply awaiting your choice “to pick” the people and situations you really need and desire in your life –  by choice!

Living in the Joy of Life,