Human Trafficking Luring Includes False Promises


Learning about the ways traffickers lure their victims into human trafficking requires an ongoing effort in gathering and sharing information. For those of us who want to Interrupt Human Trafficking, the more we know the more we can share with others. Increasing awareness is a small part of activating the masses of people in the fight against this horrific abuse of people through sex and labor trafficking.

WaysTraffickersPoseThe trafficker’s target group of victims who are the vulnerable in our society. They prey on the vulnerabilities of people through false promises of love, security, and life provisions. They do this by posing as someone who will provide something of specific value to the victim. These specific provisions can include false promises of:

  • Modeling and Talent contracts or agents;
  • Love and security in belonging to someone or to a valued social group;
  • Boyfriend/ Girlfriend relationships;
  • General help in living a better lifestyle; and
  • Fun social activities, including exciting parties.

An Important Truth to Remember about Luring: Not all traffickers are men. Often times, male traffickers will use females (appearing to be in their late teens or early 20s) to befriend teenagers and lure them into the false promise situations.

The average ages the traffickers target are 12-14 year old children, with 80% of the targeted group being females. Obviously, there are many factors involved in why this age group is targeted.

But, how can we address the blaring issues of why this age group of girls are not being protected by someone in their lives?

There are many social factors that contribute to unprotected minor children, especially girls.

  • In your world, reach out to single parents and offer support, friendship, and information.
  • Help parents and guardians understand the dangers involved in leaving their minor children unprotected.
  • Talk about how children need to feel loved, valued, and as though they belong to something greater than just their own individual existence.
  • As a group of caring people in society, we can each make a difference in our own areas of the world in seriously Interrupting Human Trafficking. It begins with education and awareness – simply talking about it to people in our lives – especially talking to those who are the most vulnerable among us.

Please join me in this effort by praying, learning, and reaching out to others about the truths surrounding this horrific social problem in the 21st Century. We can make a difference in our world.

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