The Makings of a Human Trafficker


What in the world causes someone to decide to become a human trafficker? I’m fairly certain no innocent hearted six-year old looks up at his teacher (with the wonder of life in his big eyes) and says, “When I grow up, I want to sell people to other people for money.” So, what happens in the mind and heart of a boy (and some girls) that creates such depravity of behavior? And in the outcomes of this depravity,  literally stealing the souls of the abused victims!

There is no easy, simple, one-line answer. However, much of the same grooming that occurs in luring victims into human trafficking occurs with the people who eventually become the traffickers. It is wrapped up in cultural and economic vulnerability, environmental exposure, familial heritage, and a few other known factors. Take a look at this very informative Infographic that provides the basic information about the makings of a human trafficker:


While this information is certainly overwhelming, there are some effective ways we can work together to Interrupt Human Trafficking. Some of the approaches include Awareness and Education campaigns.

Another significant way I believe would seriously interrupt the activities of the traffickers is for men to stand up and influence other men to interrupt trafficking. Not All Men buy humans and exploit women and children. #NotAllMen Teams moving around a city bringing awareness, education, speaking out, and encouraging other men to resist the temptations that exploit humans will eventually do great damage to the efforts of the traffickers. Will you join me in these efforts?

Interrupting Human Trafficking,