Settle Your Mean Down Low


February 10, 2016 Have you experienced recent interactions with someone who is simply mean? What I mean by “mean” is behavior that is downright unpleasant, less than kind, genuinely hurtful, clearly disruptive, rooted in spite, and/ or flat out dishonoring.

I’m talking about unnecessary behavior that serves no purpose toward finding solutions, making friends, and influencing others.

It’s the kind of immature behavior big people display when they are essentially throwing an adult temper tantrum; you know, slinging their junk all over others. In other words, it’s just plain meanness.

This is Not a Case of Being Offended

To be perfectly clear: I’m not talking about the common daily politically-correct problem of so many people being offended simply because someone showed up for life with a brain and an opinion.

We have become such an easily offended people in a society where so many are “offended” simply because others don’t agree with their whims and whams.

Nope, that kind of offensiveness is not meanness; it’s immaturity disguised as being chronically offended!

That kind of adult temper tantrum is really about being resentful or annoyed because of perpetual perceived insults.

Dr. Travis Bradberry brilliantly writes about part of the solution for this problem: Emotional Intelligence! Hey, it’s part of the process of growing up; a process that many big people have clearly avoided through the years.

Settling Your Mean Down Low

Since none of the mature adults can force those with mean behavior to just stop it, maybe perpetual immaturity can be inspired toward change.

Really, this kind of inspiration could come from little people. Some little people really do have wisdom beyond their chronological years!

If you doubt my words, take a few moments to watch this video that recently made its rounds on social media. A six year old girl was talking to her mother; trying to reason with her Mum about mean behavior occurring between her mother and father. She wisely advised her Mum to “settle your mean down low”.


The Finer Points of Settling Your Mean Down Low

  1.  Be a Friend: just be friends with others. Try to have a bond of mutual respect and care for others; you know, treat them as you would want to be treated. It’s the child-like basics of life.
  2. Don’t be so High Up: just settle your emotions and words down to a simmer. Be respectful toward others; you know, seek peaceful communications with steady emotions. It’s the child-like basics of life.
  3. Be Nice: just be more agreeable and pleasant. Maybe you could even occasionally be delightful in your behavior; you know, charming and pleasant to be around. It’s the child-like basics of life.
  4. Smile: just use those muscles in your face that reflect some happy from your heart. A smile creates a universal language; you know, the kind that makes others want to approach you. It’s the child-like basics of life.

Wrapping Up This Mean Thing

If some of us don’t focus on settling our mean down low, we will all be left with monsters in our future. And, monsters are really supposed to be those imaginary creatures that are typically large, ugly, and frightening.

Could it be that the imaginary creatures are beginning to become more real in our present world. What can you do to begin slaying the monsters?

Living in the Joy of Life,