A Few Things I’m Not Thankful For


November 23, 2015 You know what? There are a few things I am not thankful for.

Do you have a few moments for “the real”; “the honest”; “the transparent”; and “the where-we-all-live-sometimes”?

Things I Am Not Thankful For

  • The Crazy-Busy Demands of the World We Live In: How did we get to this level of crazy-busy demands upon our time, our performance, and our intellectual resources? When did the value of “doing” overtake the treasure of “being”?

    Why does the flow of wonderful, life-giving information have to drive us all to the other side of crazy, instead of enhancing our ability to be the best we each can be in this life – for the benefit of others?

  • The Painful Life Circumstances of So Many People: How did we become a society where so many people are living in such prevailing painful life circumstances? Where and when did we detour to this level of human deprivation – for all to see right in our streets?

How did we get to the place of abusing the least among us in such horrific ways?

  • The Prevailing Rudeness of One to Another: When did so many among us become so angry with the server at the restaurant for not bringing hot bread to the table in a timely manner? How did we become so openly and viciously critical of each other, especially people we do not even know?

    What created the onslaught of audacity to bully someone – literally to death – because of a personal trait that he/ she absolutely has no control to change?

  • The Worldwide Reign of Terrorist-Minded People: What shifted so drastically that a few  groups of people gained the ability and power to terrorize the majority of the world?

How did so many in positions of authority blindly believe there is any value in reasoning with tyranny?

If I Had the Power to Change It

This is what I would do, if I had the power to change it:

  • Slow Down My Life: I would use healthy boundaries and common sense responses to slow the pace of my life. Then, I’d have the chance to live and move and have my being more in the present moment. That way, I wouldn’t miss so much of real life. It could work.
  • Create a Soothing Balm for the Pain of Others: I would use all of the personal gifts and talents within me to create a soothing balm with  my words and actions. The balm would be able to reach the troubled thoughts and painful feelings in each person I touched with it. It could work.
  • Show Love and Compassion for Someone Each Day: I would  be purposeful in looking for, finding, and speaking to someone each day with words of love and compassion. Love would build bridges and compassion would restore dignity. It could work.
  • Extend Kindness and Gratitude for Every Act of Service: I would take a moment to genuinely thank and appreciate each person for each act of service to me, each day. This would help others to know they are valued and it would work toward creating a nicer place to live. It could work.

Wrapping It Up

You know what? The “real, the honest, the transparent, and the where-we-all-live-sometimes” truth is that I can impact the less than thankful areas of life.

I do have the power within me to change it. That power is my choice to love others as I love myself, which is really my self-will.

That’s it! Yes, it is. If I simply let the power of my self-will (to have it’s own way) be the driving force in how much, how often, and how passionate I do unto others as I’d like them to do unto me – I’d have the power to create change. At least in my own world.

You know what? You do, too. But, will you?

Oh, and about tyrannical-minded people hell bent on destroying others: I’d speak their language with zero tolerance and steadfastly interrupt their marching orders of tyranny. There is no logical reasoning with tyranny – and no love for it, either.

Living in the Joy of Life,