Dear Slave Master of Frenzied, Crazy-Busy Living


October 27, 2015

Dear Slave Master of Frenzied, Crazy-Busy Living,

I am writing to inform you that Mr. Revelation and Mrs. Truth have contacted me about my chronic critical attitude, cranky disposition, dominating spirit, and manipulative behavior toward others. They have stated that my behavior is very unbecoming to all of the earthly and eternal potential and purposes designed for the person who is called by my name.

On top of these heretofore interpersonal offenses, Mr. Revelation and Mrs. Truth have notified me that my perpetual exhaustion and exasperation with Life are no longer going to be winked at and tolerated by those who call me by the descriptive titles of “family”, “friend”, “co-worker”, or “To Whom It May Concern”.

Now, to be clear: Mr. Revelation is all about presenting a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way. I must admit that I failed to consciously realize that your frenzied and crazy-busy living demands were causing me to behave like, well, someone I was never intended to be.

When I was running to and fro like a crazy mosquito (from before sun-up until nearly after midnight seven days a week) I just thought I was doing the eternal thing – you know – the sacrificial living that would bring lasting results and add jewels to my crown one day.

I failed to realize that you, Mr. Slave Master, have been deceiving me! You have been causing me to confuse who I was created to be, through simply relaxing and BEING me, with believing that who I am is based on all that I am DOING 24/7!

Wow, how did I miss the fact that who I genuinely am is already wrapped up in my God-given BEING: my personality gifts, my capable talents, my rich character, and my joyful thoughts?

Then, to add clarity to Mr. Revelation’s, well, revelations: Mrs. Truth shared with me the absolute facts and reality that my DOING simply needs to focus on learning and growing in my BEING. She said, “In action, this means becoming emotionally mature, spiritually wise, and effectively influential.”

Wow, how did I let you lie to me for so long and keep me so distracted from connecting these three truth-filled DOING tasks with my God-given BEING strengths?

Mr. Slave Master of Frenzied, Crazy-Busy Living: you are forevermore fired from deceiving my mind, controlling my emotions, ruling my actions, and having face time in my life.

I will no longer live with an unbalanced, back-breaking, heavy yoke of proving my self-worth and self-value through running to and fro DOING life, like a mad person.

Rather, I choose to rest in the balanced comfort of the light and easy yoke Mr. Revelation and Mrs. Truth have reminded me about.

For truly, the light and easy yoke fits just perfectly around the neck and shoulders of my thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, the light and easy yoke does not chafe or rub against my patience and good intentions, like frenzied living does.

Your kind of living, Mr. Slave Master, produces nothing but continual wearing and grinding on every potentially good, strong, and wise desire I have in my heart.

From henceforth and forevermore beginning now: your counsel and big stick wielding over my thoughts and feelings are no longer welcome in my life. I choose to search for and find simple joys, relaxing joys, carefree joys, wise joys, and peaceful joys through the capable guidance of Mr. Revelation and Mrs. Truth. Goodbye Mr. Slave Master of Frenzied, Crazy-Busy Living!


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Living in the Joy of Life,