It Doesn’t Have to Be So Complicated!


October 2, 2015

As a leader, a spouse, a parent, a friend, or just a stranger to someone you stand behind in line – do you ever notice how complicated most of our interactions and transactions tend to be in a single day? With so much incoming information; with all of the policies and procedures; with all of the risk management straight-jackets; and with all of the unresolved hurt in the lives of so many people – is there any wonder that life interactions are so complicated?

To exacerbate the interaction and transaction complications, do you ever notice the sheer number of people who are absolutely distracted by their mobile device? While driving, while eating, while in conversations within a group, while walking, and even in the public restroom stall next to you – is it just my experience that the majority of people are seriously distracted by and captivated with their mobile devices? My goodness, I do believe the phenomenon resembles a love affair!

Could it be that the lack of interpersonal attention, meaningful communication, and genuine concern for others contributes to the complications in so many areas of our lives? Have we completely exchanged the value of eye contact, human touch, and heartbeat-to-heartbeat connections for the emptiness of virtual relationships?

Is there a way out of the virtual relationship abyss we have mindlessly allowed ourselves to plummet into (as a collective group of otherwise intelligent people)?

Could it be that with a silent majority returning to a few of the more simple things in life, we could actually experience a bit of the phenomenon of “It Really Can Be Simple!” Here are my thought-solutions toward creating an individual-driven revolution to restore simplicity:

Forgive. What if I choose to forgive those who have harmed me with their hate-filled words or actions?

What if I let go of the rage of anger, the pit of bitterness, and the desire for revenge in exchange for the peace of release?

For sure, forgiveness is an experience between me and my God; not necessarily between me and my offender. Oh, the best outcome would surely include my offender; but, that is not absolutely required to be released from my inner turmoil. It could be that the first step toward simplification of life’s frustrations is the internal letting go process. It’s just one thought-solution that could produce revolutionary ripples through those impacted by my life.

Rejoice. How long has it been since I’ve really felt the exhilaration of truly rejoicing about something?

To truly take great pleasure in something or in someone; to freely celebrate something or someone; to be sincerely delighted in something or in someone – how long has it been? Can I even remember the child-like feelings associated with truly rejoicing?

It could be that another step toward simplification of life’s frustrations is recognizing situations and people in my life that bring reasons for rejoicing (I’ve simply failed to notice in the midst of my aggravation with complications). It’s just another thought-solution that could produce revolutionary ripples through those impacted by my life.

Gratitude. When was the last time I expressed thankfulness for my life comforts; my core life provisions; my treasured relationships; or even the fresh water, the wonderful coffee, and the cold adult beverage?

Even more, when was the last time I’ve shown a ready appreciation for, or simple kindness toward, others who regularly support me and love me? Gratitude has a gentle way of positively impacting my overall perspective in matters of life, love, and relationship.

It could be that a valued step toward simplification of life’s frustrations is this age-old truth about the power of gratitude. It’s just another thought-solution that could produce revolutionary ripples through those impacted by my life.

Rest. Are there regular times of rest in my life? This kind of rest is not about the 6-8 hours of sleep each night. No, this kind of rest includes planned moments for enjoying the beauty of a sunrise or sunset; taking in the refreshment of a still lakeside view; wasting valuable time sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch; savoring delightful moments listening to music; or reveling in the deep peace that comes with ______________ (what is that for you?).

This kind rest restores the mind and the soul – and its value is priceless. It could be that a chronic lack of this kind of rest is actually contributing to the collective frustrations that are causing life complications for everyone.

It’s just another thought-solution that could produce revolutionary ripples through those impacted by my life.

Wrapping it Up

I’m thinking that the simple truth might be: it doesn’t have to be so complicated. But, untangling the web of complication just might begin with me.

If this thought-solution holds some truth, what if the impact of my forgiveness, my joy, my gratitude, and my rest touched the lives of others in revolutionary ways?

I recall from Jr. High academics that revolutions have a way of bringing dramatic, life-altering changes to the masses. I’m thinking a revolutionary kind of ripple might be what is so desperately needed to simplify the complicated. I’m also thinking the ripple begins in me.

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Living in the Joy of Life,