The people who are the The Joyful Hands and Feet
of Countless Joys, Inc. are:


From a deep anchor of confidence in and reliance upon God, are able to radiate an authentic light hearted joy, thus are able to bring peace and calm to the turmoil, hopelessness, and despair in the thoughts and feelings of others.


Faithfully and consistently demonstrate the characteristics of persistence and perseverance, thus are not easily discouraged, refuse to give up, and continue to the ending of the journey.

Servant Leaders

Know how to lead others without pushing while being a helpful follower and supporter, thus are usually tireless, devoted, and attendant toward the needs and desires of others.


Full of a God kind of sympathy and concern for others, thus are able to feel and show understanding, care, and love toward others.


Focused upon being persistent, determined, and tireless in pursuing the achievement of goals, thus are usually patient, steadfast, and unshakable in faith and purpose.


Known for being friendly and easy to talk to, work with, and reason with, thus are welcoming, pleasant, and cordial toward others.


Face difficulties and challenges with a mindset of problem-solving, overcoming, and collaboration, thus will readily contribute creativeness while demonstrating self-motivation and common sense.


Have the ability and desire to bring relief to others in the unpleasantness and injustices of life, thus are quick to forgive and embrace others.


Surrendered to God’s will. Non-resistant to the truths and principles of doing life God’s way; thus, able to willingly serve others based on inner strengths – and not based on the behaviors of others.


Jam-packed with heavenly power, thus courageous and confident to stand in the gap between danger and protection for others, especially children and teenagers.