Why We Exist | Train & Equip Teams of Compassionate People. Provide Protection, Life Care, Training, and Empowerment to Children & Teenagers. Share Joy.

Seeking Collaborations with Established Organizations

We are currently focusing on collaborating with existing, like-minded organizations who are directly advocating, rescuing, and housing children and teenagers who are being trafficked, either for sex or for labor, in North America and around the world. We will remain operationally independent as Countless Joys, Inc., but we want to make our efforts effective immediately and powerfully by contributing our talents and time to this overall world-wide effort. This includes supporting the work of establishing safe housing, appropriate care, training, and protection of children and teenagers.

We are initially seeking to accomplish the housing efforts through collaboration with existing orphanages, safe houses, or juvenile programs in strategic regional locations in North America and in strategic known trafficking areas globally. As an undergirding effort to everything we are doing, we are collaborating with The Seed Company in support of bible translation, storytelling, and distribution around the world.



We Need Your Help and Want Your Involvement in Our Efforts

We are seeking people who are willing to put their “Boots in the Mud and their Hands on Skin” to help us achieve the Vision and Mission of Countless Joys, Inc. We will accomplish this through the formation of small teams of people supported by training and empowerment. Some of the teams will work behind-the-scenes in administrative and planning roles. Other teams will work on the frontlines. Even more, some teams will be needed to build and remodel safe houses, while other teams will be leading and guiding the overall ministry efforts. Whatever your professional and personal gifts and talents are, these are the tools that are “in your hands” – and we want you on our team!