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Offering Learning and Organizational Solutions with Joy

For inquiries about Leadership Development, Business Management Facilitation, and Life Study projects:


Devaney enjoys success in Organizational & Performance Management and Custom Training Programs


DevFinal_Standing_12-2015 - CopyShe has designed, developed, and delivered custom training programs for:

  • Executive Teams
  • Leadership Teams
  • Staff Members
  • Volunteer Teams
  • Mega Church and Small Church Leaders/ Teams

Devaney is passionate about helping others achieve, excel, and conquer. 

Facilitation Skills & Approach

Devaney creates a warm, effective learning environment for optimal communications and interactions among participants. Devaney is extremely comfortable in the Facilitator’s role.

Whether these sessions are for: 

  • Leadership Development
  • Systems and Process Effectiveness
  • Communications
  • Problem Solving Missions
  • Life Study Lessons based on Leadership & Life Principles

Devaney Rae: BizCatalyst360 Featured Columnist




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