Interrupting Human Trafficking

Calling All Guys: Where are Your Boots in the Mud (Helping Others with Your Unique Gifts)?

It is vitally important to the success of our efforts to have the input of great guys who are in the business sector, the crafts sector, and the family sector of life, love, and relationships.

AfrAmGuyWe will need teams of guys to help with the construction and crafts that are necessary to accomplish many of our goals.

We will also need project managers, finance specialists, and various team leaders who are well-able to lead small groups of volunteers.

And, we need men who can teach, mentor, and train others, especially teenagers and adult staff members in orphanages.


For the front line and the behind-the scenes work of Countless Joys, we want to have a balance of men, women, and teenagers working together in volunteer teams to accomplish our vision and mission.

For our overseas mission trips we want a strong presence of godly men to be a part of the Countless Joys mission team. The main reason is to bring the strong example of godly love, leadership, and life lessons from a man’s perspective to the children and teenagers we are seeking to touch with joy.


Each guy has a different kind of joy to share with others based on his life experiences and perspective.

There is a special kind of joy each man can share with someone who is in need each day.

It is a man’s unique brand of joy because it is uniquely his own.

So, we are Calling all Guys: Where is Your Mud?

Connect with us and we will give you some ideas and options that just might be a good fit for where your boots would fit just perfectly in the Mud that is Countless Joys, Inc.

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