Angela Pecorino Etheridge, Trusted Advisor


Angela Pecorino Etheridge, Trusted Advisor



Angela Pecorino Etheridge is passionate about exploring and growing in life while networking and connecting as many people to one another as possible along the way. Her love for life, as well as for the beauty and value of each person she meets, is only exceeded by her passion for making a difference in the life of every person she meets. She enjoys socializing, traveling, and pursuing personal development opportunities.

Professionally, Angela is a national marketing professional. Through her professional role, she has the opportunity to develop effective and efficient marketing campaigns and strategies for clients and to work closely with media representatives. Angela says, “Establishing good relations with both the client and the media representatives produces optimal results and fills me with joy.”

With a lengthy and successful track record in national marketing, she is fondly known for encouraging others to achieve their goals and dreams. “I enjoy assisting with identifying solutions to what may appear to be obstacles,” Angela says, regarding her daily professional efforts. This statement beautifully demonstrates her heart’s desire and her worthy reputation for genuinely helping others to be the best they can be in life.

Angela makes her home in Salisbury, Maryland with her husband, Dave. They enjoy exploring the many treasures of their local community and the surrounding region – especially when they can share the experiences with family and friends. She is also blessed to share her life with an incredible personal ‘Board of Directors’ in the multitude of true friends and associates in her circle of life.